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PvM Points Guide

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SourSpoon    4

As you go bossing & train your slayer, you will gain drops which both increase your bank value and help you rank up in Team Paradox. However to do this you will need to post screenshots of your drops.


To do this you can either use a tool like Gyazo or ShareX to save and upload your screenshot instantly. Or you can upload an image to a hosting site, like Imgur or ImgBB.  I will show you an easy way to do this on windows and with Imgur without any automated tools.


1) Press Alt+ Print Screen, This will put a screenshot of your active window in your clip board, so make sure your Runescape Client is selected.

2) open https://imgur.com/upload and then press CTRL + V 

3) Copy the link in the url bar

4) create a thread in the _____ month, Week _ drops section

5) paste your link & post your thread.



For Items that are eligible for points:



A drop log example:



Extra information on PvM points:




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MediocreMatt    12

Love it!

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