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PVM Points

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So, everyone asking about how to get Pvm Points here you go:


Events: Every event has an award for 25 Pvm Points for attendance

Recruiting: you will earn 25 pvm points whenever you recruit a member and they are accepted to the clan

Receiving a drop in your name: awarded 100% of the points in accordance with the point values https://www.rs-teamparadox.com/pvm-points/ 

Receiving a drop in your team: 20% of the point values of the item received if they are in the clan 


Tank: if your tanking bandos or zamorak you will receive 100% of the pvm points if the attacker receives the drop

Alts: you can receive points for your alts getting drops ( not include ironman ) only if they are in the cc or pvming with other tpx members, if your doloing or alting in raids you cant receive double the points 

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